Anxiety is a natural feeling that we have when faced with difficult situations. In a positive way, it enables us to be alert, but problems occur when we constantly worry and never give our body and mind the opportunity for rest.

Feeling anxious may be as a result of a specific trigger, such as a family crisis. However, if the symptoms persist when the event has passed, then this can make some of the minor stresses of life feel overwhelming to deal with.

An anxious personality can result from a family background where anxiety is commonplace, or a where a personal childhood trauma has left us more prone to anxiety as we have matured.

Constant anxiety can manifest in all manner of symptoms but overall it creates feelings of constant fatigue, poor sleep patterns, lack of confidence, uncertainty, agitation, and detrimental patterns of behaviour.

Counselling can help identify the source of our anxiety, explore its impact and help us to form new coping strategies and ways of being.

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