I have worked extensively for over 20 years with clients who are bereaved and I have a comprehensive understanding of the many forms that grief can take.

The death of someone close, whether sudden or expected, can bring a range of powerful emotions and the period of grief that follows can be experienced in many different ways.

These feelings can ebb and flow and leave us confused, distressed and often unable to function. Meeting with a counsellor gives you someone to talk to without being interrupted, an opportunity to be heard, or the space to cry, shout, or just think, or to look at your loss in a different way.

Bereavement therapy can help ease the pain of grief and provide an opportunity to resolve any lingering emotional problems.

I work with individuals, couples and family groups with a wide range of grief experiences including miscarriage and termination, the loss of parents, siblings, work colleagues, friends and pets, as well as terminal illness.

I currently work with a local hospice and funeral services and I have been a counsellor, supervisor and trainer with Cruse Bereavement Care, a senior counsellor with the NHS and a group facilitator for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital.

To make an appointment, please telephone me on 01273 502736 or email